How To Order


The quality of the photographs are very important because the impact of the final painting is dependant on the detail that I can get from the photos sent.

I am able to work from just one photograph, though more would be useful for colour matching and capturing personality. Features can be take from more than one photograph to make up the final image, for example if the eyes in your favourite photo have ‘red eye’ the colour of the eyes can be taken from another photo.

I have been known to take away leashes, harnesses, grey hair, walts, collars, dribble and backgrounds.

If you require a portrait with more than one person or animal but do not have a good photograph of them together, separate photos may be used to make up the final composition.

If the subject is sadly no longer with us and you want advice about the quality of the photographs please e-mail me the images and I will happily discuss the possibility of a commission. Alternately you can make an appointment and come and see me.


Taking Photographs

My advice about taking photos for the commission would be to focus in as much as possible so that you fill the whole photograph with the image. Take the photograph outside in the sunshine, especially if you have dark dogs because this shows up the highlights and if you have light coloured dogs this will show up some shadows.

Think about the angle of the head and where the eyes are looking. I find the composition works better if the head is slightly turned to one side, not just looking head on into the camera. The eyes are very important when capturing personality of the dog, they are the windows into their soul. Make sure there is some light reflection in them, this helps bring their eyes to life.


Time Required

Dependant on how busy I am the portrait should take no longer than 6 weeks, though this can be shortened if you have a deadline in mind like a Birthday, I can prioritise. Christmas time is my busiest period so to avoid disappointment please order 8 weeks in advance.



A £50 deposit is required prior to commencing with the commission, cheques should be made out to Suzanne Murphy and sent to me at:-

16 Shears Drive, Archers Gate, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7YA

The cheque will be refunded if you are not happy with the painting, although it is possible to make minor alterations with no extra charge.



Paintings are hand-delivered if you live within an hour's travelling distance of Amesbury, at no extra charge. If you live more than an hours journey, the oil on canvas commissions are usually posted at an additional charge of £15. I will not post paintings which are framed with glass so they are either hand delivered at an extra charge depending on distance or posted with only a mount. The client can always come and collect the painting if they wish.



The first step to ordering a commission is sending me photographs. Either send via email to: or to my business address:

16 Shears Drive, Archers Gate, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7YA

Please write down your details and indicate whether it is a surprise present. I will then e-mail or ring so that we can discuss your individual requirements further and your choice of frame.

You will need to consider size, whether the painting will be landscape or portrait way up, background, how many subjects in the painting and whether you want head and shoulders or full body.

Once a composition has been decided on and the £50 deposit has been paid I go ahead and start the commission.

You will be contacted on completion of the painting and delivery is arranged. The final payment is made once you have received the painting if I am hand delivering. I require full payment before posting the painting, though a full refund is made if you are not happy with it once I have received it back. Minor alterations can be made at no extra charge. In some circumstances instalments can be made over a few months.


If you have any queries I am always happy to take your call.